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JQuery WayPoint Back to Top Links

Jquery WayPoint

If you have been wondering how to create a back to top links. Read this article and bear with me so you will be able to create one for your website. See a demo below. View Demo What is JQuery … Continue reading

JQuery autocomplete

JQuery autocomplete

JQuery autocomplete widgets provide suggestion when you type into the field. It enables users to quickly find the first match element or states list. For example, we will create the contact form which we will creating JQuery autocomplete widget for … Continue reading

Establishing a Secure Password Generator for Your User-base


Modern website registration has changed drastically from its conception. Automated programs now attempt to “brute force” into accounts, browsers automatically remember any and all passwords a user enters, and the users have the ability to reset their passwords at any … Continue reading

9+ Best Web Design Tutorials

web design tutorial

I have found best web design tutorials for beginner or someone who has web design knowledge in HTML/CSS. These tutorials have a cool design and technic in Photoshop. You are not only enjoy web design in Photoshop tutorials but you … Continue reading

Learn How to Create Small/Big Text with JQuery Events

JQuery event

The text sizes are important for web readability.  If your website has a small text it will be difficult for a person who has vision problems.  On the other hand, your website’s text might be too big for the younger … Continue reading

Create a Vector Ninja graphics for special projects

vector graphics

Ninjas are everywhere these days in popular culture. If you ever need such an image as an icon or graphic for your poster print or postcard print design or flyers, you typically have two choices. You can buy graphics on … Continue reading

7+ Mobile Web Building Tutorials for Beginners

Mobile Website

In the past few years mobile website have become a part of people’s life and has increased in popularity.  Why?  Because it is handy, it has the capability to browse the web, listen to music, watch a movie, check traffic, … Continue reading