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Free Responsive Website for Download

Nowadays, people have different devices for their convenience that come with different screen sizes.  That is a reason why a web designer and web developer needed to know about responsive website.  The key point of a responsive website is adapting to the user’s needs and device capabilities.  Suppose a mobile user will be viewing your site on a small screen.

If you want a responsive website but have no time to create one or just lazy, no problem!  I created a responsive website in black and white theme. I want to share my responsive website to anyone who needs it.  You just download it here and it FREE!  If you like it share it with your friends.  Enjoy!

Responsive Website

Download (568)

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Written by Krittiya Clark

Krittiya Clark is a creative designer who is passionate in design and code. She enjoys experimenting with techniques in both web and print. She also likes house music and snowboarding.


    1. Scotty Olson says:
    2. Thanks Krittiya,
      I think your sites pretty dope :)
      Very helpful and user oriented !
      Props to you,

    1. Pooja says:
    2. Hey ur website is very useful and its have a very good content

    1. Banti mathur says:
    2. Hi u r site is good code and very USEFULLY for responsive website


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