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Social Media Marketing

Nowadays the role of Social Media (blogs, forum, social networks, chats…) it has became really important and signification, and the consequences of those tools can really strike in our business both economically and socially. The company that already understand that have already started a constant use of those tools, in order to self-promoting online being in step with the times and not being topped by the competitors.


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In this article we will look at ways in which you can set up a serious campaign of Social Media Marketing (SMM henceforth) and provide some helpful tips to manage it the best of our ability, using the strategies that best suits their frame of reference.


The Social Media Marketing is something much more complex than simply creating profiles on popular social networks, is more something about a “potential conversation between brands and their clients”.


We can identify three fundamental aspects:


- The creation of “buzz” word of mouth, events, viral elements that attract attention and that establish a dialogue between users.


- Creating a space where users can get in the same light and be leaders (through Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and so on).


- The SMM consists mostly of spontaneous conversations of users and customers, the real work lies in creating the proper channels and promote them properly, the viral campaign will spread only if the utilities are willing to espouse the cause of the company. It is for this reason that the user must always be placed at the center of the campaign.


Choosing the target:


The first and fundamental point which we must discuss is that connected to our audience, what are we promoting? Who are we addressing? What we want to communicate? What goals do we have? What intentions? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself before you even start your own campaign, the selection of your target audience is the most important things to do, because it allows us to select, effectively, the channels through which to promote our identity. Depending on different situations there are solutions and strategies more or less appropriate: the ability to choose what is right in the right ways.



The choice of instruments




It is important to highlight the recent change of groups that have been made similar to the pages, making management much simpler and intuitive reports.


However, Facebook is not the only social networking service: according to our goal we choose the most suitable for promotion and we wish to do the kind of audience we are looking for: Anobii for books, music, MySpace, LinkedIn for companies, Glossom for fashion and design, and so on.



The activation of a twitter account can definitely be a great way to make small updates to their network of clients and contacts. Even better idea to cross his Twitter account with the official Facebook page. So that the updates are always shared on both platforms, but without forgetting that a little ‘of differentiation is never negative.



The blog is a phenomenon far from obsolete and out of the market: an official blog can be properly set the focus on initiatives to load, content, material, and then send out communications through social networks.


The importance of a true dialogue


We have seen how one of the fundamental principles of the new conversational marketing is precisely that: to recognize the contribution of users, enhance it, give it a concrete weight. It is important to maintain dialogue with the public taking time (which is not entirely wasted) to dialogue, to respond to comments, to express their ideas on the subject.




Set up a marketing campaign on social media is not synonymous with open accounts here and there on social-networking in vogue at the moment.


It is something much more complex and laborious that requires a solid understanding of some principles that govern the network and a good dose of awareness about our company. If these balances are maintained two fundamental cornerstones: the social and participatory web can be a very powerful vehicle for promoting and greatly superior to all other advertising we’ve learned.


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Written by Vincenzo

Hi, my name is Vincenzo Vitiello and I am a Graphic, Logo & Web Designer. I am specializing in the fields of brand identity, advertising, print design. I also am a self-taught passionate for web and motion design. I do work both as an employee and a self-employed under the name of Vin Novative.

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