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Great Prototyping for Designer for Mobile and Web App

I have a great Prototyping for designer who is looking for a useful tool to create a mockup template for mobile and app. Let take a look at Keynotopia information below and you will see what Keynote can helps you.


Keynotopia Launches Keynotopia Mockups Bundle– The Largest Collection of Keynote Mockup Templates for Mobile and Web App Prototyping


Keynotopia has launched Keynotopia Mockups Bundle, a collection of royalty-free Keynote mockup templates for prototyping mobile, web, and desktop apps. Keynotopia Mockups Bundle allows designers, developers, program managers, and entrepreneurs the ability to quickly iterate and perfect their app ideas prior to development.


Mobile and Web App Prototyping


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 25, 2012: Today, Keynotopia launched the Keynotopia Mockups Bundle, a collection of Keynote mockup templates for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Web, Facebook, OS X, and Windows 7 platforms.


Mobile and Web App Prototyping


The templates included in Keynotopia Mockups Bundle were designed to be the largest collection of mockup templates with a new time-saving feature: all template UI components can be converted from their original sketch-like appearance to clean wireframes or high-fidelity components in just a few clicks when used in conjunction with Keynotopia’s Keynote templates.


Amir Khella, a UX designer and entrepreneur, recognized the need to give designers the option to choose between the 3 levels of fidelity (mockup, wireframe, and high-fidelity) to suit their design needs.


“In the first phase of app design, a hand-sketched interactive mockup does not confuse users, who can see the app is unfinished as an invitation to give feedback. They don’t get distracted by the details of design and instead focus on the app’s user experience. When the users’ feedback has been integrated, a high-fidelity prototype looks polished and serves to impress clients, management, and investors.”


Keynotopia Mockup templates are used with Apple Keynote, Khella’s tool of choice for designing prototypes for 12 startups (4 of which were acquired) as a UX designer. At a price of $19.99, Apple Keynote is easy-to-use and efficient for creating both mockups and pixel-perfect prototypes. In combination with the Keynotopia Mockup Bundle templates, Keynote allows both designers and users with limited design experience (including entrepreneurs, program managers, and developers) the ability to mockup their ideas quickly and within budget.


For more information about the Keynotopia Mockups templates, visit Keynotopia Mockups Bundle page.


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Written by Krittiya Clark

Krittiya Clark is a creative designer who is passionate in design and code. She enjoys experimenting with techniques in both web and print. She also likes house music and snowboarding.


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    2. These are still very very useful!

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    2. You should check out http://www.fluidui.com/editor if you are looking for another option with regards to rapid mobile app prototyping, thanks!

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