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5 Tools to Promote Your Agency

When we own an advertising/communication agency, or we run our studio with our name, it is very important to improve and promote our image.


We need to make the most of  from our “tools of communication”. Let’s see in particular five potential tools that can help us to improve our visibility:






Today is certainly the most popular communication tool, especially after the advent of mobile telephony. The first thing to consider is that in many cases, a phone call is the first level of contact with a potential customer or supplier. When you call one of them, remember to follow some steps. Be clear about the topics on which to deal with, taking care of notes, get straight to the most important subjects and be short on the explanation. Instead when you receive a call remember that, in the other side of the phone, that person, does not know who he is talking to, for him is just a rumor, so remember to identify your business role. Phone calls do not leave tracks so remember to give your mail and web-site. If you do have the opportunity, get a switchboard. A switchboard inside an agency must be set on the probably of calls, that means that the timing of answer it must not be more then 10-15 seconds. It is also important that the person that is working in this area is well-prepared and knows in each case where to switch the call.







The timing of response, can, most certainly, be affect, both in positive and in negative, the image of the company. After you get a mail, the receiver must answer in two or three workdays. Another important aspect is the quality of answer. Unfortunately not always the person that is in charge to respond cares sufficiently on the quality of the information that has to be replied. Be always sure to check your answer, and as for the telephone call, be direct and specific in your messages. Control the person that is in charge of that. Realize a real campaign of direct mail to a very specific target, to improve just your image, or to promote a new service. Remember to personalize your e-mail adding your logo and your contacts.







On the market, both in the online and printing, there are lot’s of design, advertising books and website/blogs that publish and share articles,campaigns and more. Take advantage of that, get contacts with publishers that runs book and magazine, see if they can publish one of your articles. Go throw this opportunity be sure about what you write and what you want to publish and share, it can help to be popular in the market.







Do not underestimate the power of billboard, just because most of the communication is run online. Every time do you make a printing advertising piece for your client remember that is important to sign your piece of artwork. People usually take a close look to advertising billboard especially if you are in a subway or bus stop. Check first with your client if is ok for him.







Gadgets are a good instrument for your promotion especially for the diffusion of name, logo, website. Gadget can have different value, depending on the target. If you are going to promote yourself for usually get some low cost objects such as cd covers, mousepad, pens…They do have a widespread. If you want to promote you to a specific type of target, be more creative, for example you can create a calendar out of your creativity, t-shirts, bags. Unlisted one time a year update your portfolio and print it with a nice box or in a more creative way that your mind can think of, it can also be a gadget promotion.




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Written by Vincenzo

Hi, my name is Vincenzo Vitiello and I am a Graphic, Logo & Web Designer. I am specializing in the fields of brand identity, advertising, print design. I also am a self-taught passionate for web and motion design. I do work both as an employee and a self-employed under the name of Vin Novative.

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