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10 Advices to Create Your Design Agency

Give birth to your own studio is every designers dream. If you really want to push yourself in this adventure I might help you giving some advices.



 Create Your Design Agency


1. Financial Realism

Do not risk your financial with big expenses. Start working from home until you’ll get a solid package of clients that can guarantee a regular incoming; later on a share studio is an idea where you can also blend together with other creatives. Freelances has always their independent space where to work if you have any opportunities to have an ecommerce discussion with a financial expert that would help.


2. Technology

Do not be afraid of distances. If you have a colleague or you might want to start a new project together with someone else, which lives in another city or country, with modern technology you can, use i-chat or skype to create a digital studio. Distance it is just a technical detail.


3. Be on top

Nowadays the balance between creative and corporate aspects is more important then ever.

It will be always more difficult to find work and especially well-payed work. So you need to be always on top, be the best, the secret is to try to create excellent project that can suit right with the client.


4. Find a space

The space where you work is important for many reasons. On the financial side has to be affordable for your own pocket. Can you afford to buy a space? Well, make sure is a place that you like, do not underestimate this aspect. It is difficult to create good projects in optimal condition, image in a depressing space.


5. Your personality is important

Your personality is very important. No clients want to look colorless. Usually most of the people choose an agency in function of their ability to solve problems, they are attract by charismatic people who can lead the image of their business.


6. Think from the point of view of the client

Is important to remember, when you search clients, that your are not sending your portfolio to another creative. The person that will receive the catalogue does not have your eye, something that can make a creative enthusiastic, can be unnoticed by a potential client. Remember to adapt your portfolio in function of a specific client.


7. Watch out the expense

Create the image of your studio. Word-of-mouth is the most important factor so give it your best when you deal with a client. It will be around voices that yours is a great studio.


8. Promote yourself as pro

A big common mistake is the inability to sell or to discuss about your projects. Do not over discuss about it the client does not care if the font you choose is the trendy one at the moment, he only cares that is readable and that can help to sell is product.


9. Make contacts

Be tenacious, be always around, you will soon find the right people. Have a look if there are any other creatives that want to start an experience like yours; get an account that can help you find new projects.


10. Free projects are important

I agree that the money, especially in this period, makes the difference, but do not forget about creating your personal projects, do not underestimate their value, because can always have a positive influence in your agency image. Find a right balance between personal and corporate work.


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Written by Vincenzo

Hi, my name is Vincenzo Vitiello and I am a Graphic, Logo & Web Designer. I am specializing in the fields of brand identity, advertising, print design. I also am a self-taught passionate for web and motion design. I do work both as an employee and a self-employed under the name of Vin Novative.


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