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5 Website Revamp Essentials

Websites used to be just another advertising medium for companies. They would generally contain very basic information, and were often left untouched after the initial launch because visitors weren’t expected to return—they weren’t supposed to rely on the website for … Continue reading

5 Tips to Create an Ideally Workspace

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Before you release your own creativity starting working on your project, it is very important to consider about setting up a workspace that can allows you to work freely and to think creatively while saying much about your personality. Each … Continue reading

10 advices when you first meet a potential client

Business and Technology

When you first begin your freelance career you do not have to underestimate some aspect of the job which you might never done before probably because you were working as an employee. When you become a freelance, you become identify … Continue reading

Advertise for FREE!

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Do you want free advertises? Coder Design is proud and thank full for all support so we would like to give it back to the community. We are now has ad spots in 125 x 125 size available on the sidebar … Continue reading

Easy Steps to Take to Building a Better Blogroll


As a blogger, you have the opportunity to provide a lot of different information to the visitors to your site. Most of the time, you want to keep visitors on your site and minimize references to other websites that they may be … Continue reading

Domain Names 101

Domain Names 101

Domain names provide a human-friendly Internet address for people to find your website on the Internet. Without domain names, your website could only be found by its IP address, which constitutes a series of numbers and periods. Domain names provide … Continue reading

Great Prototyping for Designer for Mobile and Web App

Mobile and Web App Prototyping

I have a great Prototyping for designer who is looking for a useful tool to create a mockup template for mobile and app. Let take a look at Keynotopia information below and you will see what Keynote can helps you. … Continue reading